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3 practical tips to improve your website’s SEO

Do you want to increase your website’s visibility, appear on the first page of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…) and increase your sales?

Applying the right SEO techniques is a critical first step for any business on the internet. I’m going to list 3 quick ways to help improve your website’s SEO!

Without further ado, let’s get to the point:

3 practical SEO tips for you to implement

First, you need to understand that there are good practices for optimizing content.
By learning them, you will be able to help search engines find your content more easily.

Tip 1 – Choose relevant keywords

Using good keywords is one of the main techniques you can put into practice on your website.

Before starting to create your content, it is important to discover the most used terms within your niche to achieve better positions (NOTE: I will leave a great tool for this at the end of the post).

You need to choose the Long Tail and Short Tail expressions that make the most sense for your business.

Short tail keywords are the most sought after in any market niche and have the most traffic.

Long tail keywords are made up of two or more words (creating a short phrase), have a lower volume of traffic but are very important to your business.

There are also Head Tails, which are more general keywords, and generally define the type of market for your business, for example:

Digital Marketing, Women’s Shoes, Men’s Watches, Content Production and so on.

Because they have a very high search volume, most professionals believe that it is ideal to use only this type of keyword in their content, in order to reach the largest number of people. But this type of keyword is very competitive, and needs to be used in the right way to have the desired effect.

Tip 2 – Create complete and relevant content

It is very important to define a content creation strategy based on SEO techniques, after all, the competition for the top positions in Google is quite fierce!

Many websites say that longer content (over 1000 words) tends to rank better on Google, however, just creating a long article is not enough.

Search engines analyze the most relevant content taking several aspects into account, such as:

• The loading time of the site’s pages;
• Originality of the article;
• The average time users spend on the page;
• Keywords Long tail, Short Tail and Head Tail;
• Correct use of HTML for page markup.
• And most importantly, relevant content!

So before starting a content strategy to help your site rank on Google, it’s important to study the different metrics used to make your content as relevant as possible to users, after all, isn’t that the purpose?

Try to balance the number of images, videos and text on your page, in addition to adding the necessary HTML tags, such as the hierarchy H1, H2, H3…


Tip 3 – Optimization for on-page websites

On-page SEO techniques are used within the site to optimize for search engines such as Google and Yahoo for example.

Some of the SEO techniques you should prioritize when creating content are:

Formatting content for different resolutions (desktop, cell phone, tablet…);
Using keywords correctly
Use of H1, H2 and H3 tags (in the correct order)
Use the H1 tag only once on the page

Caprichar in the meta-description

Add Alt and Title to images ( <img src=”…” alt=”image description” title=”image title”> )

Note: Many internet users have some kind of disability, either partial or total. Using the Alt and Title Tag helps these people during navigation in addition to helping your site to rank in the SERP.


You’ve learned 3 quick tips to help improve SEO on your website. Some of the tips may seem very simple, but for those who are not used to using it, it can make a lot of difference!


Bonus: Use one of the following tools to plan your keywords:

Keyword Planner (Google)
Google Search Console
Keywords Everywhere

Two other very useful tools that I use a lot here on Dweb are:

With them it is possible to see several changes that you can make on your site to increase performance, competition and other things, it is worth checking out, just inform your site that they analyze themselves and show you possible adjustments.