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Business intelligence – Power BI

Business Intelligence (BI)

When the subject is the transforming power of intelligence in the executive branch (Business Intelligence, or BI), Dweb has all the necessary technological structure to qualify the information generated in your company. Thus, in the field in which BI (Business Intelligence) solutions are concentrated, we offer and apply the best of technologies such as Power BI in your business.

Our expertise allows us to quickly and effectively develop Power BI Reports to generate quick insights and qualitative analysis of the contractor’s database.

In addition, we cannot fail to offer a creative and innovative design, 100% original, in the creation of the best Dashboards focused on the different sectors of your company, to which we have our partner. In this regard, we cover the following sectors: Commercial, Accounting, Controllership, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, Logistics, Production, Communication, Administrative, etc.

Cloud Infrastructure

Our BI Solution Consulting Development Team aims to help the entrepreneur in the development of implementation and organization strategies in infrastructures for the modernization and security of information in enterprise server terminals, in order to pave the way for Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Image Recognition, among other technologies that are on the way to becoming essential.

Creating, Manipulating and Deploying BI-Focused Dashboards

Dweb has the expertise of more than 10 years working with BI tools and has a team that knows the best practices in the creation of Management Panels, which can be presented at:

. On Visual Management Televisions

. on computers

. On Cell Phones and Tablets

. Embedded in ERP or mobile solutions

– All these facilities will have specific structures for each type of employee, with the necessary restrictions/definitions according to local Governance rules (RLS).