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Application for US Visa according to your profile


If you are thinking of immigrating to the United States, this application will certainly help you a lot to understand the visas that fit your profile.

Smart Algorithm

Through several mathematical calculations, variables and parameters filled in, the system is able to indicate visas compatible with the profile of the uspário.

More than 20 different types of logic are applied to arrive at the most accurate result, based on guidance from specialized immigration lawyers.

We use the PHP programming language with the Codeigniter framework in its latest version to create the applied logics.

We use jQuery for the logic between each screen, in addition to HTML and CSS for the markup and styling of the pages.

The algorithms run in parallel at each step to provide, through a Gauge (marker at the top) the experience in percentage of visas that the user can benefit from.

Through a detail of the form, you can better understand if a certain type of visa is really suitable for you or if there are others that fit better for you.

The entire process is carried out by artificial intelligence, which analyzes all the answers you have filled in and your data, applies different algorithms and cross-checks with a database to show you the visas.

Software creation

Robust and scalable

Code optimization

Refactoring and performance

Mobile First

Thought about usability

Artificial intelligence

Smart algorithms

— Alessandra Salles

Presenter & Content Editor
Imigre Fácil

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