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Responsive websites and their importance

Your company on the internet

In addition to offering a means of speeding up customer contact with your business, a website allows your company to present its services and products, portfolio, service methods, among other things. Having a responsive website these days is critical to getting potential customers to reach you.

Currently, the vast majority of people access the internet by cell phone, and that is where the story of the “responsive website” begins to gain more strength.
Over the years, consumers’ browsing habits have changed dramatically, as has their confidence in shopping online.

In the past, it was enough for the company to have a website that catered to computers and laptops, but nowadays all the content has to be adaptable to the size of several different screen resolutions, new cell phones that have new technologies, tablets and televisions.

A responsive website can adapt to different screen sizes, and design the communication that the company wants to convert leads into customers.

Some good examples of fully responsive websites: (yes, that site you are accessing right now!)


In addition to good practices during development, it is important that the performance of the site is taken into account, since accessing websites requires a good internet connection, and we do not always have it available.

As a rule of thumb, the smaller the size (weight of the files) of a website, the faster it will open. Therefore, it is very important to consider, in addition to the layout, a good image treatment, adequate caching, a server that satisfactorily supports the application, among other factors.

Not to mention that our friend Google has been recommending the practice of building responsive websites for a few years, and it ranks better websites that work this way… but that’s a subject for another post.